12 Men Who Need To Be Told Their Comb Overs Are Not Doing Very Well For Them

Look guys, getting older is never easy, and losing our hair just makes it even tougher. You know what is worse?  Living in denial. Face it, some of us are going to lose our hair. So when this happens, take a look in the mirror and if you resemble the guys in the pictures below, shave it all off.  And ladies, you are not helping your men by being quiet about it either. Embrace your bald head. Take lessons from Jason Statham who pulls off the baldness thing effortlessly.

comb-over fails 1

1. Gray sides and brown comb over?  No.

comb-over fails 2

2. Even Donald trump would be ashamed of this one.

comb-over fails 3

3. Not exactly sure what this is….

comb-over fails 4

4. Sir, you are doing it wrong.

comb-over fails 5

5. Looks like some of it is missing.

comb-over fails 6

6. Seriously?

comb-over fails 7

7. C’mon bro….

comb-over fails 8

8. This might be a first…..the cornrow comb over.

comb-over fails 9

9. This man is out there somewhere thinking this is okay.

comb-over fails 10

10. Dad?

comb-over fails 11

11. One strand comb overs.

comb-over fails 12

12. We know who this guy is voting for don’t we?

comb-over fails 13

So there we have it, 12 of the worst combovers I have EVER seen.


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