10 Foods That Fight Anxiety

Anxiety is a very big problem in our society these days – so much so that there are individuals considering “taboo” ways to fix the issue. There are a lot of different things that can attribute themselves to anxiety, plenty of both internal and external factors; but there’s a natural way to manage the problem. We’re going to take a look at a few different foods to help you combat anxiety.
anxiety relieving foods
These foods can help you lower blood sugar, which can also play a large part in your anxiety issues. The roller-coaster ride that could be called your blood sugar levels will leave your brain drained, leaving you more susceptible to developing anxiety.

Eggs – A simple food that most of us can eat, eggs are a great choice for anybody who is battling anxiety. They’re a very easy way to work protein into your diet, but they also provide your body with both lecithin and choline (which are needed for methylation and the function of your nervous system, respectively).

Carbs (Complex) – This would be considered the fast food of nature, in a sense. This department features delicious choices like yams, plantains, sweet potatoes, quinoa, beans and even lentils – brown rice can be added to that list as well. These are unprocessed carbohydrates, which are rich in minerals/nutrients like the B vitamins; it helps your body use the energy in these foods more effectively.

Tea – There are many different teas on the market that could be considerably beneficial in regards to your anxiety issues. L-theanine can be combined with tea to create an incredibly useful stress-relief product, one that will bind to GABA receptors and change your brain waves for the better (inducing a state of relaxation). If relaxing is a problem for you, tea could be the way to go.

Here’s a CBS segment featuring dietitian Cynthia Sass covering several foods that are great to deal with anxiety:



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