Cops Seek Cruel And Heartless Teens Who Sucker Punched Mentally Challenged Man For No Reason

Something about modern life seems to bring out the worst in far too many people, and authorities are now seeking a group of young men who hit a defenseless man in the face for no reason but for their own grotesque entertainment.
sucker punched mentally challenged
The incident took place in the Germantown section of Philadelphia earlier this week, where a man known simply as “Mark” was accosted by a group of men, as one punched him hard in the cheek while the others laughed.

Victim Tried to Escape

In a video taken of the incident, Mark can be seen trying to get away, but another man in the group punches him in the ear as the others laugh.
sucker punched mentally challenged 1
It’s unclear who shot the video, but as the accosters remain at large, apparently it was not by any of them. Police are hoping that the clear color images in the video will cause someone who knows them to identify the brutal bunch so they can be arrested and charged.
sucker punched mentally challenged
The power of the punch clearly stunned the unsuspecting man, who was identified by coworkers at a nearby ShopRite. Cheltenham, where that store is located, borders the north part of Philadelphia, and Mark was apparently on his way to work when he was so senselessly struck. He is recovering since the attack, but fellow ShopRite employee Gerald Andrews, Sr. can’t figure out why anyone would want to hurt his friend.
“He’s a good guy. It’s heartbreaking,” Andrews said of the assault.
sucker punched mentally challengedsucker punched mentally challenged

Philadelphia Police Sargent Eric Gripp has asked that anyone who knows anything contact their local police station.

“… What is depicted in the video is very disturbing,” Gripp noted somberly.


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