Everyone Thinks It’s 6, But Everyone Is Wrong

There are many puzzles online that involve numbers. One of the latest that has caught the country by surprise features six blocks that are divided into two rows and three columns. The numbers in the first five blocks are in numerical order from one to five. Most people who see this puzzle think that a six would go in the last block. That’s not the answer, and not many can figure out why.

This is one of those puzzles who have a mind for math. While math is a subject that might not be used on a daily basis, you do use it once in a while when cooking or if you’re working in carpentry. If you have to double or triple a recipe, then it can be somewhat tricky with some ingredients that you have.

Maps are another puzzle that you have to figure out with math at times. When you look at the diagram in the picture, don’t think about math in a numerical sense. Think about something that you likely use every day. The diagram is what you might find in a car on the gear shift. The missing item in the box is an “R” for reverse.

online puzzle


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