You Can Now Literally Give Someone The Moon With This Cool Luna Lamp

This Romantic Lamp Allows You To “Buy the Moon”

There’s generally a huge buildup of passion in any budding relationship; regardless of whether you’re old and gray or young and full of energy we all still go out of our way to be as romantic as possible to set the mood of the moment from time to time, these days it’s just easier to do. When you consider everything that can go into a single dinner-date the task can appear somewhat daunting at first: you need to have a GOOD meal, not that crap you feed yourself when you’re alone; you need to look good, so make sure your personal hygiene and grooming standards are up high; finally, you need the right lighting to be perfect, not too bright and not too dark. Well, next time you plan one of these nights out you could always bring the full moon along with this incredibly romantic lamp!

luna lamp 1

Meet Luna, a lamp you can get in sizes ranging from just 3.2 inches (which would make a fantastic nightlight for any kid who enjoys looking up at the stars) all the way to a massive 23.6 inch full moon. They come with their plugin and a remote to control the luminosity, which means you can set and adjust the “moonlight” until it’s the perfect fit for the current mood – you may not even turn it off!

luna lamp 2
luna lamp 3

luna lamp 4

luna lamp 5

luna lamp 6

luna lamp 7

luna lamp 8

luna lamp 9

No matter how much of a romantic you might be you’ve never before been able to give a loved one the moon, even though it felt/feels like you could. Well, now you really can. At least with Luna you’ll never have to worry about cloud cover, and this (technically) little lunar replica’s image doesn’t disappoint!


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