It’s One Of The Most Popular Songs Of All Time, But I Had No Idea Dolly Wrote It…

There are many people who have heard the song “I Will Always Love You.” It was made popular by Whitney Houston, but there is something about the song that many people might not know. Dolly Parton originally wrote the song about 40 years ago. She is a woman who wrote beautiful lyrics, and whether she sings the song or someone else lends their voice to the words, it’s still as beautiful as ever according to those who listen to it today.

dolly parton songOne of the first times that Dolly sang he song was in 1970. She was wearing a red dress with sparkles, and her blonde hair was curled. She sat on a wooden stool in the center of the stage while singing the well-known lyrics. Only a few instruments were playing in the background while she was on stage.

During the song, Dolly held her hands in her lap. Some have said that she looked like an angel while on stage singing the song for the first time. Carrie Underwood recently did a version of the song with Dolly, and they were both wearing the same style of clothing and sitting on stools. The song is just as popular as ever, giving people a way to express their love for someone else through music.


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