Mom Gets A Makeover After Having The Same Beehive Hairdo Since 1960’s.

 Joan has had a “beehive” hairdo since 1965, when it was was popular. Fast forward 40 plus years later, and her “beehive” hairdo is way out of style.

Beehive Hairdo
In addition, her “beehive” hairdo had a very high upkeep. It took her up to four whole hours to tie her hair up using 12 hairpins, brush out the previous teasing, wash her hair, set it in rollers of various sizes, and then sit under a dryer for an hour. Once her hair dried, she would do it all over again and roll it up into a beehive until next week.

Her daughters, Cindy and Christine, were fed up with their Mom’s look and went to extreme measures to convince her to get a new hairdo.

With Oprah’s help and her professional stylists their mother finally got an updated look. Check out the video and see the results!



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