Can You Find All 6 Hidden Words In This Picture?

There are a few fun puzzles that are making their way across the Internet. Some of them involve finding hidden pictures among other pictures that look the same. Another type of puzzle is finding words that are hidden in a picture. The words are disguised in ways that are hard to see as the letters are curved or written in cursive.

6 word puzzle

6 word puzzle

Only about 10% of people can see the words hidden in one picture that is online. The picture is that of two children playing under a makeshift fort in a living room. There is a kitchen in the background. If you look closely, you can find all of the words that are hidden as many of them are on the items that relate to the name.

“Mirror” is on the top of the mirror, and “couch” can be seen on the back of the couch. Look on the broom to see “straw.” “Cat” is on the cat’s tail, and the cord on the back of the television features the word “cord.” The last word is a little hard to find, but if you look at the kitchen floor, you will see “tiles.” This is a puzzle that is rather easy to solve if you pay attention to a few clues.


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